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i music earth

The music of i, ime and many more.

Incorporating the music genres i and ime defined by the spirited, creative and lively music of the artists i and ime. The life, freedom, Liberty and Truth celebrating music is one-of-a-kind of a soulfully spirited and unscripted kind of a free style and production. The mostly unscripted and sometimes scripted vocal performance of a time meet on mostly written and sometimes freely performed instrumentation to be 'time being incorporated' the music of i and ime. The music entertains a wide range of artists combining rhyme, rhythm, Melody, beat and sung elements. The unscripted and scripted freestyle of vibrantly creative and life minded music is easy marketable in the many classic genres of rap, pop, rock, dance, electro, r&b, soul, alternative, reggae,ragga, dancehall, hip hop and other modern genres distinctly varying with each artist.


The Inventor and founder of i and i music earth has chosen the letter i to reflect the non-harmful energy of creation in everlasting constancy in relation with the all surrounding space and space within of undefined matter and energy to be standing for the pure non-harmful energy of creation and a lively truth in the moment and time of music creation.

Timely founded in the beginning of the twenty-first century.

i music earth IME contains the music of the artists i, ime and many more.

i music earth

The music of the artists of i music earth. :
The music of the artists of IME Livetime.
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